Albanians rally in Brussels against Serbia

Albanians rally in Brussels against Serbia

Pristina, January 21, 2014/ Balkan Independent News Agency

In Brussels, hundreds of Albanians from Albania and Kosovo gathered in a rally against the opening of negotiations between Serbia and the European Union.

Protesters gathered yesterday in front of the European Foreign Service building chanting slogans against Serbia.

Albanian associations, representatives of the Albanian political class and Albanian citizens have protested in Brussels against the unconditional accession of Serbia in the European family.

Belgian police had issued permission for this protest (photo), which was held a little before the start of the cross government conference between Serbia and EU. This conference officially marks the opening of negotiations for accession of Serbia in the European Union.

Protesters held Serbia accountable for the wars in the Balkan, including the one in Kosovo.

They said that they were disappointed by the European Union which “has supported Belgrade without the latter’s recognition of Kosovo and without apologizing for the genocide carried out in 1998 and 1999”.

During this peaceful rally, protesters have also demanded war compensations from Serbia and reciprocity in respecting the rights of minorities.

Protesters also demand to the prime minister of Albania not to step on Serb land until Serbia recognizes the independence of Kosovo.

The Albanian protest comes a few days before the scheduled meeting between Dacic and Thacic on January 27 in Brussels and a few weeks before Premier Rama’s visit in Serbia. /ibna/