Albanians hold a protest in Skopje: “Stop to orchestrated trials”

Albanians hold a protest in Skopje: “Stop to orchestrated trials”

Skopje, June 6, 2014. Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

A group of Albanian citizens protested today in Skopje by demanding justice for the so called “Monster” case, which relates to the killing of five Macedonians on April 12, 2012 near Smilkovc lake in Skopje.

Protesters demanded the release and acquittal of seven Albanian young men who have been accused by Macedonian prosecution as authors and organizers of this murder, which happened several days before Orthodox Easter in Skopje.

The seven Albanians are accused of murder and according to the charges, they have committed this murder as a sign of revenge and intimidation against Macedonians on Easter Orthodox holiday.

The defense has demanded for all charges to be dropped. According to it, the process against the Albanian young men is orchestrated, because ‘they are not the real authors’.

Bedri Ajdari, one of the organizers of today’s protest told IBNA that their relatives are innocent. He insists that all facts and evidence shown to the court indicate their independence. Ajdari says that this is a politically orchestrated process.

“It’s been two years that our relatives are being held in detention. They are neither murders, nor terrorists. We also want the true authors of this macabre murder of five innocent Macedonian fellow citizens to be caught. With this protest, we want to react against the prosecutor of the case, Gordana Gesovska, who claims  without any evidence that the Albanian young men are murderers. With this protest we demand her resignation” , told IBNA, Bedri Ajdrari, the brother of one of the defendants, Fejzi Ajdari.

One of the family members of the defendants called on the Macedonian media to report correctly, because according to him, language of hatred can easily cause instability of the country.

The protest was quiet and without problems. After a quiet march, the protesters dispersed. The protest was observed by a significant number of police forces, including special units.

The killing in Smilkovc of Skopje happened on April 12, 2012, when five Macedonian young men remained killed. On May 1 carried out operation “Monster”, where it arrested tens of Albanians, accusing them as authors and accomplices of this crime. Following an inquest, seven of the arrested people were suspected as authors of this cruel crime. /ibna/