Albanians do business in war zones

Albanians do business in war zones

With the support of the state authorities, Albanian companies are trying to do business in war zones.

A large number of businessmen from the Albanian Center of Exports that operate in the domain of the export of vegetables and fruits, tourism and energy, and Albanian officials, went to Ukraine to explore possibilities of sending there products made in Albania.

They traveled to the region of Donetsk, which is in conflict with Russia. This state of war did not prevent representatives of Albanian businesses to meet in the city of Kramatorsk with representatives and members of the Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Elvira Sevostianenko, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Donetsk, considered the visit by Albanian businesses in this turbulent region, as the first step of the establishment of cooperation bridges.

“It is important to develop direct relations with Ukrainian producers, as products such as sugar or wheat come to Albania through merchants from Serbia or Greece. Meanwhile, Albanian produces are being purchased by Serb and Macedonian merchants and then taken to Ukraine. This is our scope. Direct exports and imports, avoiding third parties”, says Alban Zusi, the head of the Albanian Export Center.

Yugen Vilinsky, deputy governor of Donetks, said that “in spite of the war situation in the region, this must not discourage business. Therefore, economic cooperation for us in this situation is of a special importance. We welcome cooperation between Donetsk’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Albanian Center of Exports”, he added. So, a memorandum of cooperation was signed in the central offices of the region of Donetsk.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Albanian business had a meeting in Kiev with members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, where they unveiled what Albanian exports have to offer.

“Albanian produces are now present in the region and we are aiming new markets, even in Ukraine, where we see many opportunities for cooperation. Meanwhile, products made in Ukraine are present in the Albanian market, but through third parties. We are aiming direct cooperation between Albanian businesses and Ukranian businesses”, says Alban Zusi, the head of the Albanian Center of Exports.

Zusi added that Energy is another domain where the two countries can collaborate, as Ukraine’s expertise, especially in the construction of gas networks is very precious.

Ukrainian authorities expressed their interest for the export of fruits, vegetables and chestnuts to Ukraine, as the latter is an unknown product for the Ukrainian market.

Mykhailo Nerpan, deputy president of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that “we are present in the Balkans with our produces” and added that “we see Albania as a new market”, assuring that mutual contracts would be signed. /