Several Albanians arrested in anti-terror operations in Kosovo and Italy

Several Albanians arrested in anti-terror operations in Kosovo and Italy

Tirana, 1 December 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

An anti terror operation name coded “Van Damm” is under way in Italy and Kosovo, to identify, localize and arrest several Albanians suspected of their involvement in terrorist organizations.

Brecia police in cooperation with police of Kosovo, have carried out raids and arrests in Italy and Kosovo. This operation aimed at arresting several Albanians who are believed to have supported terrorism and encouraged racial hate.

The operation is believed to have stricken a terrorist group which used social networks to spread jihadist ideologies and encouraged racial hate.

“As a result of this operation, four Albanians of Kosovo were arrested. Three of them were arrested in Brescia, Vincenza and Perugia. The fourth person, initialed S.I was arrested in “Han te Elezit” in Kosovo”, police officials said.

Phone surveillance for these people also revealed a threat for Pope Francis. “This will be the last Pope”, said one of the arrested Albanians.

Two of the young Albanians were brothers and they are suspected of being the basic cell which backed the jihadist propaganda and religious hate.

Meanwhile, S.I arrested in Kosovo, is also suspected of having participated in the war in Syria as an ISIS militant. Police of Kosovo issued a press statement where they called on all citizens not to become victims of calls, propaganda and lies which aim at encouraging them to be involved in terrorism. /ibna/