Albanian women have played a decisive role with an international impact throughout the centuries

Albanian women have played a decisive role with an international impact throughout the centuries

Tirana, November 25, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

Women’s Department at the Albanian Muslim Community hosted today the conference called  “Albanian woman throughout the centuries”. This conference held in Tirana (photo) identified the role of Albanian women in different historical periods.

The vice chairman of the Albanian Muslim Community, Mr. Ali Zaimi, said that the Albanian woman has showed in different historical periods, that in decisive moments, it has been an important part of big national events.

“The Albanian woman has contributed in the efforts for freedom and independence, education and culture and in all the domains of our social life.

He rejected suggestions that Islam prevents women from being part of social life. “I’d like to stress the fact that Islamic Religion, contrary to what is unfairly claimed, doesn’t prevent the woman to be an active part of social life, by playing the same leadership roles that a man does. Islam encourages women to play a more active role in the development of society, in harmony with their nature, finesse and spiritual fragility”, said Zaimi.

Vice mayor of Tirana, Nevila Xhindi, said that the woman is a great force of the nation and society. She also valued the Women’s Department at the Muslim Community for organizing such events, which according to her, are a precious contribution in listening to the voice of the Albanian woman.

Dr. Brikena Smajli, a professor, identified some of those women which had a wide impact: “In different periods, the country saw prominent figures, the works of whom went over national and world borders. Thus, the Albanian woman showed that it has the same intellectual and professional potential that the other sex has”, said Dr. Smajli.

The images that accompanied the conference has women clad in traditional Albanian costumes and with their head uncovered. Meanwhile, the majority of women who participated in the conference were covered. /ibna/