Albanian state wins the trial against “DIA”

Albanian state wins the trial against “DIA”

Tirana, 18 December 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Arbitrage Tribunal in Vienna has suspended the lawsuit concerning the request filed by “DIA” company, which claimed an amount of 135 million euros from the Albanian state, for the termination of contract with the power supply distribution company.

The decision which was taken by the Court of Arbitrage in Vienna puts an end to a lawsuit, where OSHEE was sued by DIA company. The latter had accused OSHEE, the power distribution company in Albania, formerly owned by the Czech company, CEZ, of breaching the contract.

DIA’s administrator, Rebecca Gaskin Gain, has withdrawn from the lawsuit after learning that the Prosecution of Tirana has launched an inquest for the previous administrator of the company, Kastriot Ismailaj, General Prosecution says.

Minister of Energy, Damian Gjiknuri, reacted by declaring that this decision by the International Tribunal of Arbitrage, confirms the fact that the Albanian government and OSHEE have taken all the necessary steps to protect the interests of the Albanian citizens, as this is the only way Albania can avoid losing large amounts. Gjiknuri says that the amicable solution of the conflict with CEZ has had an impact in successfully finalizing the DIA lawsuit. “This is without any doubt the best answer for those who speculate, those who by abusing with their role as opposition, were hoping for the Albanian state to lose in this process and for Kastriot Ismailaj to win. At the beginning, they mocked us. Then they accused us of wanting to lose the lawsuit and divide the money. Today, they must at least be quiet and be ashamed. The truth always prevails”, Gjiknuri said. /ibna/