The very best Albanian singer, Vace Zela, passes away

The very best Albanian singer, Vace Zela, passes away

Tirana, February 6, 2013/Balkan Independent News Agency

The renowned Albanian singer, Vace Zela has passed away at the age of 75. Known as the “Queen of Albanian Music”, Vace Zela passed away in Basel, Switzerland as a result of a long illness that she was suffering from.

Her lifeless body is expected to arrive tomorrow (07.02) to Albania, thus fulfilling her last wish to rest in her fatherland.

Vace Zela was incidentally discovered at a young age in Lushnje and soon became the icon of the Albanian music.

She’s considered as the best Albanian singers of all times. She has won many first prizes in music events and was widely known in the international music stage.

Since 1992, Vace Zela abandoned music due to her health problems.

From several years, Vace Zela had been living in Swizterland and in those few interviews that she gave, she used to talk with a lot of nostalgia for her country, where she wanted to be. Vace Zela lived in Swizterland with her relatives for a better health care.

Vace Zela is the only Albanian woman who was honored with the “Honor of the Nation” Order when she was alive by president Alfred Moisiu with the motivation: “For her rare values as a Renowned Artist, with extraordinary popularity, for her masterful interpretation of folk and pop music and for the precious wealth that she left to the Albanian school of music interpretation.”

There were many reactions on the death of the renowned singer, Vace Zela.

Minister of Culture, Mirela Kumbaro recalls “The Happiness Valse” and says that this song “returns as an irreplaceable requiem today for the treasury of the nation which is simply called Vace!”.

Former speaker of parliament and current democrat MP, Jozefina Topalli says: “The Albanian beloved one! Vace Zela went, but her voice remained! With love she sang to her country like nobody else! She gave joy to Albanians with the magic of her voice, when they had no other joy”.

Meanwhile, former speaker of parliament and current MP, Kastriot Islami says: “Queen of Albanian music will forever be in the mind of every Albanian everywhere in the world. Vace Zela, the biggest singer of all times, deserves without any doubt to be in the Pantheon of Albanian Song”.

Former MP and chairman of LDP, Elmas Sherifi says: “We feel an artistic void as we see the biggest music artists leave the stage”.

The prominent writer, Dritero Agolli says: “I can say with my utmost conviction that Vace Zela, as a great artist, opened a new era in the Albanian song and became the pioneer of a modern culture of this domain”.

On the other hand, the renowned singer, Nexhmije Pagarusha says: “I have not seen more light come out of a human spirit than on Vace Zela.”…

Publisher Fatmir Toci, socialist MP, says that Vace Zela is an icon of the Albanian music and adds: “For 60 years she dominated the Albanian music stage, remaining even today the best and most valued singer”. Toci says that “a long time will go by before a music diva such as Vace Zela appears on the stage again”.

The writer Miranda Haxhia says: “She lived in order to be unreachable in her art. We, the people stunned by her pearls need to look Above…to never forget you”.

From the USA, the singer Bleona Qereti says: “Vace Zela, queen of the Albanian son. The icon and inspiration of our scene. Your glory cannot be paled by this departure. Albanians have loved you and will always love you for the cultural and spiritual wealth that you delivered, you, the original emblem of the Albanian melody”.

The singer Mimoza Selimi says that she is greatly hurt by this big loss, stressing that it was Vace Zela who made her follow the singing path: “How many things I learned from you. With the love of a mother you stayed beside me. My words are not enough to express my gratitude. I had the chance to have you in my life, where you will always be”.

The renowned writer, Virgjil Kule says: Vace went! She went in front of our eyes…but she will never die in the memory of the nation”./ibna/