Albanian prosecution demands the lifting of mandates for two MPs and a mayor

Albanian prosecution demands the lifting of mandates for two MPs and a mayor

The General Attorney’s Office has demanded for two MPs and one mayor no longer to be allowed to exert their functions.

The MPs whose mandates have been suspended are Dashamir Tahiri of PDIU, the party that defends the rights of the Cham community and Shkelqim Selami. Meanwhile, the mayor of Kavaja, Elvis Roshi has been asked to leave office. The latter has an abundant criminal file, with charges ranging from money laundering to rape.

The General Attorney’s Office says that it demands for the mandates of these three officials to be lifted pursuant to the law on “Guaranteeing the integrity of people who are elected, appointed or who exert public offices”.

The verifications that have been made lead to a suspension of their mandates. The Prosecution has also launched an investigation on the count of “Forgery of self assessment forms”.

Criminal problems of the three officials

Dashamir Tahiri MP

He hasn’t declared in the self assessment form of “Decriminalization” data relating to his criminal past.

Thus, Italian police in Foggia has reported that in 1995, he was involved in money laundering.

In 2009, he was convicted by the court in Ravenna (to spend 9 months in prison) for the use of a false Albanian driver’s license.

Tahiri has been searched several times by police.

What does Tahiri say

As far as these criminal cases are concerned, Tahiri says that he has not been aware of his imprisonment in Italy. Meanwhile, regarding his indictment for “money forgery”, he said that he was given forged money by a bar waiter on the highway.

Shkelqim Selami MP

Selami has not declared in his “Decriminalization” self assessment information regarding a ruling where he was remanded into custody, issued by the court of Brindisi in Italy. This ruling was issued in 1994 for being suspected of participating in a criminal organization which dealt in the traffic of human beings. The security measure was executed 12 years later, in 2006. He remained one week in a detention center in Brindisi and then he was released, but his case was not closed.

Mayor Elvis Rroshi

Mayor of Kavaja doesn’t seem to have declared in his self assessment form a number of problems that he has with the law. Thus, he was convicted of gang rape in 1995 in Italy.

In April 1993, he entered Switzerland illegally and sought asylum. On 14 May 1993, he was stopped by Zurich police on a drug related charge and was banned 4 months later.

In July 1997, he entered Switzerland again illegally and sought asylum. In August 1997 he was banned again.

In 2015, US DEA has informed Swiss authorities that they were investigating a case relating to a man called Enver Roshi for traffic of drugs and money laundering. Roshi has not declared the use of several names in Switzerland.


As it can be seen in Roshi’s “rich” file, but also in the files of many others which are yet to become public, unfortunately, Albanian politicians have appointed criminals in leading posts.

Instead of electing well respected figures whom the public likes, Albanians have been served rapists, murderers and offenders.

What’s more shocking in this situation is that politicians that have chosen them continue to defend them. /