Albanian Prime Minister promises three times more investments in the four years to come

Albanian Prime Minister promises three times more investments in the four years to come


Mat, May 10, 2013

From Mat, where he participated in the inauguration of the reconstruction works of the road that links Bridge of Mat to Lis, Premier Sali Berisha said that June 23 is the judgment day of the Albanian people.

“We’re asking you to vote for our party for what we’ve done during this mandate and for what we’ll do in the future”, said Berisha.

According to the PM, the alternative that offers the opposition is that of denial and deception. “The head of the opposition takes pride in the fact that he blocked the voting of the three laws of the EU integration in parliament, hundreds of kilometers of new roads which would be funded by the European Commission or hundreds of thousands of new jobs that these funds would have opened. This is the alternative offered by the head of the opposition”, said Berisha. The head of the government launched accusations against the head of the opposition and said that the Albanian people will judge him on June 23 by voting against him.

Berisha also addressed to the residents of the area by saying that: “We’re committed to do everything in order for you to have better roads, better schools, and better water supply systems. In the district of Mat we have made serious investments, we have built 70 km of roads, 8 schools and 4 water supply systems. I promise that we will do everything during the next term in office to do more for you. Investments in the next four years will triple”, said Berisha.

The new road that links the Bridge of Mat to Lis is 9 km long and offers economic and commercial links between the town of Burrel and the surrounding areas. Farmers will be able to take their produces to the market in a shorter time and with a lower cost. Employment and the growing access in the labor market will be another real benefit for the residents of these communes.

This road also benefits the students of three schools in the Commune of Lis which are situated alongside this road segment. /ibna/