Albanian president Meta urges PM Rama to resign

Albanian president Meta urges PM Rama to resign

The President of Republic took an official position today in relation to the political crisis in the country, offering a number of messages, which, according to him, aimed at offering a solution to an ongoing conflict.

Ilir Meta declared from Pogradec that the country finds itself in a critical situation and encouraged “reflection by everyone in order to put an end to polarizing and excluding behaviours before the damages of this crisis threaten every achievement made in the past three decades”.

Meta offers his resignation, implying that Rama should do the same

As part of this reflection process, Meta invites Rama to hand his resignation in order to offer a solution to the crisis, by declaring that he’s also ready to do this, although, like he said, he has nothing to do with the situation. “I would urge everyone not to sacrifice the country for their posts or their ambitions. Although I have no responsibility for the current situation and although I have made maximum efforts to prevent such crisis, I’m ready to sacrifice in order to find a political solution which restores constitutional, institutional, political and democratic normality in the country and guarantees a fast progress toward the opening of EU accession talks. I am ready for both extremes”, Mr. Meta said.

He said that he was ready to abdicate his post as president if a political and functional solution is found.

He warns the threat of a military junta: “I would give my life”

The head of the state was pretty alarmed about the situation in the country, saying that he feared the installment of a military junta in the country. Mr. Meta issued this warning by reiterating once again the fact that he was ready to hand his resignation as president of the country “once I’m sure that the country finds a political, constitutional and solid solution”. Then he made the sublime “offer” when he said that he was ready “to sacrifice my life like Salvador Allende did”. All of this “to prevent the installment of a junta which could bring Albania back 30 years ago”.

By doing this, Meta implied once again the invitation that he is sending to PM Rama to resign after the constant requests made by the opposition, saying that “Ilir Meta is prepared and ready for both ways, because despite of his ambitions, he has never posed a threat and he can never put Albania or democracy in Albania at risk for his own ambition or post”.

A representative and constitutional crisis

President Meta said once again that the country is going through a representative and constitutional crisis: “I’d like to stress that the constitutional and institutional crisis is nothing new. We’re in a situation when we haven’t had a Constitutional Court for a while now and the entire judicial system is paralyzed”.

Meanwhile, Mr. Meta said that he has made maximum efforts to prevent this political crisis from precipitating: “All the efforts made by the President to prevent this crisis have been mined”.

Under these conditions, Meta says that “we find ourselves in a crisis, which, in my opinion, it’s an intentional crisis. This crisis has threatened constitutional order in the Republic of Albania, democratic guarantees and the rights of citizens”.

The president condemns the decision of the opposition to boycott parliament

The president notes that the crisis has deepened even further. He also says that all of this happened following the unprecedented decision taken by the Albanian opposition to boycott parliament. The president said that he condemns the decision taken by the opposition: “This is an unacceptable decision which I condemn. This act has seriously deepened the representative crisis in the Parliament of Albania”.

New MPs are not legitimate

On the other hand, Meta notes that those MPs who have decided to enter parliament after the boycott of the opposition, are illegal: “In my institutional point of view, the Parliament of Albania has 82 legitimate MPs including the 3 opposition MPs who did not agree to hand their resignations following the decision taken by their respective political parties.  Any other number beyond this not only deepens the crisis, but doesn’t even help in overcoming the situation, because any other number would be contested in every point of view”.

According to Mr. Meta, “in a constitutional, legal, procedural and moral point of view, one million citizens over the age of 18 could be called to vote legislation that relates to the European integration, but I’d like to assure them that this does not make this crisis of representation disappear and it doesn’t guarantee the opening of accession talks between Albania and the European Union”.

Are the new MPs being bought by the government?

Amongst the numerous messages that the president of the country sent out, he also mentioned the fact that new MPs are being bought, pointing his finger at the opposition.  According to Mr. Meta, the fact that a new opposition is being formed in parliament is not a solution:  “The solution to this crisis cannot come through ultimatums or rhetoric which incites violent actions, police methods or financial methods. The solution can only come through a serious and responsible political dialogue, which restores normality in the country’s political life by respecting the Constitution, by respecting the division of powers and by respecting all of those obligations that Albania needs to deliver in order to open accession talks”.