Albanian President demands joint training by the Balkan armed forces

Albanian President demands joint training by the Balkan armed forces

Tirana, May 22, 2013

The general chiefs of staff of the Balkan countries armed forces have gathered today in Tirana in the seventh conference of this organization.

Present in the opening ceremony was the President of Albania, Bujar Nishan who said that security and wellbeing of our peaceful countries remain under constant threat and that there’s a growing need for cooperation and coordination along with strengthening of defensive mechanisms.

Nishani said that all possibilities exist to improve cooperation in the domain of security and defense in the region. “Integrating processes encourage our countries to move forward. I believe that the Euro Atlantic integration and the regional integration are the most precious instruments to achieve the objectives for our countries. If one takes a look at international security, one will notice that this issue has taken another dimension. The security of our countries remains under threat and as a result, there’s a growing need to step up cooperation in defense”, said Nishani.

The president also demanded the cooperation of all the Balkan countries to maintain security in the region.

“Terrorism remains one of the most important challenges for our region and the world and we need to come up with a common solution to this”, said Nishani during this conference. /ibna/