Albanian president to attend the Paris summit on climate

Albanian president to attend the Paris summit on climate

Tirana, 30 November 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

While Paris has been engulfed by violent protests due to the tight measures applied by the government following the November 13 terrorist acts, the Meeting of World Leaders on Climate Changes COP21 kicked off today in the French capital.

This meeting is an incentive of the French president, François Hollande and French Foreign Minister and President of the Convention on Climate Changes (COP21).

This meeting is taking place amidst strong debates on the damages that the world is causing to climate and a rally held in Paris yesterday was accompanied by 10 thousand pairs of shows placed on the street.

This summit will also be attended by the head of the Albanian state. Before his departure, Mr. Nishani said that he will participate in the Meeting of World Leaders in the framework of the UN Conference on Climate Changes.

The Albanian president will deliver a statement on behalf of Albania, but he didn’t issue any details on the text of this statement.

He said that he will hold meetings with his counterparts present in this international Conference, where there will be around 100 heads of states and governments. /ibna/