Albanian politics involved in serious accusations which put a question mark on its morale

Albanian politics involved in serious accusations which put a question mark on its morale

IBNA Special Report

Tirana, March 5, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

In Albania, many political and institutional figures have become part of a series of accusations that put, at least, a question mark on their morale.

Socialist Party MP, Tom Doshi (photo), who was expelled a few days ago from the parliamentary group of this party, published in the recent hours a video that suggests the ordering of his murder by senior officials of the Albanian state.

Doshi cites the testimonies of a person who is suggested to be a hit man.

The video that IBNA brings you below, you may see Tom Doshi with the citizen Durim Bami.

During these eight minutes, Bami confesses how several persons had offered him 500 thousand Euros in order to kill Doshi. He said that the murder was contracted by the speaker of parliament, Ilir Meta, number two of the majority.

The video describes details of the plans for the physical elimination of Tom Doshi.

A few minutes ago, Doshi appeared at the Prosecution of Serious Crimes in Tirana to submit the full 37 minute long video and several other proofs, which he claims that he has in relation to the plan for his murder and that he will provide his full testimony over the denouncement that he has made.

Tom Doshi says that the murder plan has been made six months ago and that PM Edi Rama and Interior minister, Saimir Tahiri were aware of it. Doshi said that Tahiri had met with the hit man. Tahiri admitted that this meeting had taken place.

But, Tahiri’s claims also involved other names implicated in the alleged plan for the murder of two MPs, one belonging to the majority and the other to the opposition.

He said that on 6 September 2014, PM Edi Rama demanded a meeting with Tom Doshi MP, who told him that he had discovered a plot for his murder. Tahiri quoted Doshi saying that he had identified the persons who had ordered the murder and the executors of the alleged crime. The minister said that he has also met with the alleged killer, adding that he was repented.

Tahiri also mentioned several other names involved in this affair. Among them is Agron Kulici, former director of the State Police, Agim Rama, brother in law of former PM Berisha, Eugen Beci, head of the Prosecution of Serious Crimes, Fatjon Skenderi, former driver of the head of the Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu, former minister of Defence and Environment.

Tahiri said that according to Tom Doshi, even the General Attorney, Adriatik Llalla, was involved in this plot.

The fact that so many names were mentioned, sparked reactions. General Attorney Adriatik Llalla announced the start of investigations. He also removed the head of the Prosecution of Serious Crimes, Eugen Beci to the prosecution office of another city.

Republican Mediu also reacted by denying his staff’s involvement.

The events have precipitated with the arrest of the alleged murderer, Durim Bami. Police issued a press release saying that Bami had changed his testimony, saying that he was asked by Doshi to speak of a contract killing. Doshi said that this was an ugly attempt to deny his evidence.

Former police official Kulici also reacted by denying his involvement in the crime.

Immediately after this, Doshi published a video which was initially 8,5 minutes long and then a second video which he said it contains all the details of the plan for his murder, ordered by speaker of parliament, Ilir Meta.

The developments relating to this affair seem to be associated with mystery, but also with prominent names and related events.

Doshi also said that a bomb was put in his vehicle, which didn’t explode. He also denounced a concrete attempt to kill him, which was a failed attempt by those who were paid to kill him.

Meanwhile, the “contract killer” Durim Bami, was subject to an unclear attempt of murder a while ago when his car failed to explode.

After this “bomb”, the opposition tried to politically use it by demanding the resignation of the speaker of parliament, Ilir Meta.

A tense parliamentary session started this morning and the focus was the demand of DP to remove Meta. The session was suspended at once, as the speaker of Parliament, Ilir Meta refused to resign. There were many retorts between him and former PM Sali Berisha, in relation to the denouncement made by Tom Doshi. Meanwhile, PM Rama was not involved in this debate.

The saga continues

In these 25 years after the overthrowing of communist dictatorship, many events have taken place in Albania. These events have been very ugly and they have seen the involvement of political parties from the left wing and the right wing.

The suffering has been and continues to be the exclusivity of the majority of Albanians.

These political forces continue to control politics and the Albanian state.

The latest event where a majority MP denounces a contract killing ordered by the speaker of Parliament, seems to be the continuation of these 25 years filled with political tension and extreme clashes.

In circumstances when the speaker of Parliament is accused by a majority MP of ordering and paying the murder of two MPs, when the prime minister is accused of being involved in the crime alleged to have been planned and the Interior minister having met the alleged murderer, many people express their discontent over those who govern them.

Although all sides insist that they are innocent, one thing is clear: innocence is impossible to be proved as much as the alleged responsibility of politicians. But of course, nobody is an angel. /ibna/