Albanian PM starts an official visit to the US

Albanian PM starts an official visit to the US

Tirana, 11 April 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

For the second time within a few weeks, Albanian PM Edi Rama travels to the United States of America again.

In this visit, Rama is expected to hold an official meeting with US president, Barack Obama. This is the first time that they have such meeting.

Before, their meetings have been courteous or informal.

Official sources say that on 14 April, Rama will be in the White House for an official meeting with Mr. Obama and US vice president, Joe Biden. The meeting follows the invitation that Mr. Biden has made to Mr. Rama.

It is not yet known what the main topics of the meeting between PM Rama and the US president will be, but what’s clear is that issues of terrorism will not be lacking.

Before his departure, Mr. Rama said that the official visit in the USA starts with New York, with a special meeting with the Albanian Diaspora in the US metropolis, to also launch the project of the First Pan National Summit of the Albanian Diaspora in November of this year. /