Albanian PM Rama received by PM Gruevski: Committed to advance relations between the two countries

Albanian PM Rama received by PM Gruevski: Committed to advance relations between the two countries

Skopje, November 6, 2013

The advancement of relations between Albania and FYR Macedonia, the realization of joint projects, implementation of the OHRID Agreement, the process of the integration of the two countries in the Euro Atlantic structures and the regional developments have been the topics of today’s meeting in Skopje between Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama and Prime Minister of FYROM, Nikola Gruevski.

In their joint press conference, the two prime minister talked about different topics of cooperation.

“We concluded that there’s a continuity of bilateral cooperation to boost up economic cooperation, for projects in the road system, railway and energy. We are in the phase of starting the 8th Corridor and we are committed to have good road links with Albania”, said Gruevski, adding that FYROM remains committed in the advancement of relations between the two countries in the spirit of understanding and good friendship.

Gruevski stressed the support of FYROM for the full integration of Albania in the European Union and in order for both countries to advance in the Euro integration aspect.

On his part, Prime Minister Rama said that he had an open conversation with Prime Minister Gruevski on different topics and that the relations between the two countries are of a special importance.

“Albania is interested to have intensive relations with the neighbors and with FYROM, in all aspects. We are ready and prepared to open new ways in this cooperation and to strengthen economic cooperation with concrete ideas for joint development”, said Rama, mentioning that there must be great focus on the Ohrid Lake project as an unexploited space of economic and social development between the two countries.

As far as the region is concerned, Premier Rama underlined that peace in the region has entered a new process with the Agreement reached between Kosovo and Serbia and that this is a new window of possibilities for the regional development.

As far as the issue of Albanians of FYROM is concerned, Rama spoke of the Ohrid Agreement and its implementation.

“To us, it’s important for the Ohrid Agreement to be a focal point in the political developments of FYROM and to be implemented daily as a basis for the success of this country, for which we are very interested”, declared Rama.

The Albanian Prime Minister has also talked about the recent inter ethnic incidents in Skopje, stressing that the Albanian government is closely following these episodes of intolerance and inter ethnic violence. “We have been and remain determined to call for composure and maturity, because good inter ethnic relations will be a joint success.

“To us it’s important for everyone to understand that the future is common and together we will build the future in the region and in this country where Albanians are part of the state formation and involved in the entire social spectrum and government of this country. We are aware of the fact that political processes need time. Therefore, I would like to reiterate that every act of violence takes the processes backwards”, said the Albanian prime minister.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Gruevski said that inter ethnic relations are stable and that they are being established through debate.

At the end, Rama has stressed that the quicker FYROM becomes part of NATO and EU, the better it is for the country and for Albanians, because every delay threatens prosperity and the development of the region. /ibna/