Albanian parliament ratifies the agreement with the US on terrorism

Albanian parliament ratifies the agreement with the US on terrorism

Tirana, 28 June 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

The boosting of exchange of information on tackling terrorism and the growth of efficiency in the fight against it is the scope of a cooperation agreement with the United States of America, which was ratified on Tuesday by the parliamentary committee on foreign policy.

The agreement is part of the five priorities of the Albanian government for the integration of the country in the EU, one of which is “fight against organized crime and corruption”.

The entry into force of the agreement will boost the efficiency of law enforcement agencies in order to be protected from terrorist acts and to strike people for which there’s information of their involvement in this criminal activity.

Deputy Minister of Interior, Stefan Cipa says that the agreement signed in April 2016 aims at offering the parties access to information in order to identify individuals who are known or suspected to be involved in terrorist activities.

Albania is the first one among the countries of the region with which the USA signs such agreement. The Albanian authorities have signed 16 similar agreements with other countries in the framework of the fight against terrorism.

Since 2001, Albania is part of the wide coalition against terror. In this framework, Albania has ratified all the UN conventions which relate to the fight against terrorism or funding of individuals suspected of funding terrorist acts. /