Albanian parliament passes with absolute consensus the reform in the judicial system

Albanian parliament passes with absolute consensus the reform in the judicial system

Tirana, 22 July 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

Albanian Parliament voted in the early hours of Friday (22.07) the constitutional amendments that give way to the reform in the judicial system.

Present in the voting were 140 MPs, who voted unanimously in favor fo the bill for the reformation of the judicial system.

This voting was achieved after a long time spent negotiating, blocking the process and numerous obstacles which caused exhaustion for politicians, common people and foreign diplomacy which was very intensive in its direct intervention.

In his speech, PM Rama described the ratification of this reform as the start of a revolution, which will obliterate injustices in Albania.

“Today’s voting will give way to a much anticipated revolution in justice”, Mr. Rama said. He stressed that the USA and EU will be active in this process and that this was the reason why the Constitution was amended: “Our strategic allies will now have a constitutional role and will actively be part of the process in every step of the way and people must know and be prepared that this process will not have any easier steps than the one that we took today”.

Rama also made a public promise: “I would like to assure all Albanians that corrupt judges and prosecutors will be removed from the justice system by the iron brush of the vetting, where the troops of the implementation of the reform will be preselected and will be supported by the International Monitoring Operation”.

Rama said that this will happen by leading “a tough war against the rich killers of the Albanian corrupt justice system and against the political system which will never give up its efforts to stop this new page of history which has just begun”.

Meanwhile, opposition leader, Lulzim Basha said that the unanimous vote is a good omen for the unification of Albanians for a justice system which meets European standards.

He warned that “the first day of the Reform in Justice is the start of the last days of this government” and added: “And it cannot be any different at a time when a government is the most corrupt and criminal in the Balkans, was forced in front of international pressure and the DP’s pressure, to accept European, Venetian, American norms, which as from now on, they will act as an extra guarantee for every Albanian citizen and an extra concern for the corruption and criminality of this government”.


The approval of the Reform in Justice is expected to open a new page for Albania. In the foreign plan, it is hoped that the European Commission will propose to the Council to launch talks for Albania’s accession as soon as possible.

In the domestic plan, intensive developments are expected in the Albanian political system, especially within the governing coalition. It is now clear that the relations between SP and SMI are not going through their best moments. Several declarations issued by Mr. Meta and his latest conflict with the socialist MP, Fatmir Xhafaj, have confirmed this situation.

Some analysts have started to create scenarios about possible developments, a year prior to the general elections and the presidential elections in Albania.

What they are commenting the most are the declarations of the Speaker of Parliament and leader of SMI, Ilir Meta, who has talked about his resignation and the creation of a technical government which will take the country to elections which will not be contested by the sides.

Meanwhile, the opposition camp seems to have started the old “love relation” of 2009 with Meta and SMI. Basha has praised Meta’s recent movements and it would not be a surprise to go back to a coalition between DP and SMI.

The possibility of fresh elections with a technical government is strengthened even more by Basha’s declaration that now that the judicial reform was passed, a new battle begins, that of the elections. /