Albanian opposition ready to put an end parliamentary boycott

Albanian opposition ready to put an end parliamentary boycott

IBNA Special Report

Tirana, December 11, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

In Albania, opposition gave clear signals today that it doesn’t intend on having the mandates of its MPs expired, but that it’s ready to accept negotiations between Tirana and Brussels in order put an end to the boycott started in July.

Leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha held a meeting today with opposition allies and it seems that the debate there and the diplomatic efforts of the European Parliament have helped in giving the first signals of putting an end to parliamentary boycott.

Negotiations between Tirana and Brussels to reconcile the Albanian left wing and right wing

After the meeting with the allies, Mr. Basha said that the international community is backing the DP cause more than ever in order to restore constitutionality in the parliament’s hall.

Speaking in front of journalists, Basha said that the government must express its will not only to fight crime, but it must start this fight within its ranks.

“In these four and a half months, we have demanded the decriminalization of parliament, compliance with the rulings of the Constitutional Court and the assurance of European institutions. Today, we’re closer than ever in achieving these principles. This must be a parliament which has no room for crime. DP along with the allies managed to raise the awareness of the international community about the danger imposed to parliament. DP is ready to take its step in order to come out of this situation. We’re not the obstacle, they were the obstacle. I hope that today, with the solidarity of the European left wing and right wing, they will reflect”, Basha said.

As always, “at the last minute”, Tirana and Brussels set in motion about the boycott of the opposition

Meanwhile, allies are even clearer about putting an end to the boycott.

Head of the Movement for National Development, Dashamir Shehi, an ally of the Democratic Party, declared that he would put an end to the boycott of the opposition which has been lasting for several months.

Mr. Shehi has been elected as an MP through the DP list, but this has not stopped him from ending boycott. “I will be present in the next parliamentary session. I hope that we will have important news from the meeting held today by the leader of DP”, Shehi says.

The other MP, Fatmir Mediu, was more moderate. The head of the Republican Party declared that the European Parliament is worried about the situation in Albania.

Opposition must return to parliament, speaker of European Parliament says

Asked if he will be part of parliament, Mr. Mediu said that: “The positioning of the international community is clear. Parliament must function and the government must offer the necessary conditions for the opposition to have its role in parliament. Like the Democratic Party and the other allies, the Republican Party too has discussed the boycott since the month of September, but together, we will decide about the return to parliament. First of all, there must be an institutional solution”.

The boycott started by DP in July had become cause for concern for Brussels.

Boycott in Albania is becoming a worrying phenomenon, says MEP Kukan

Up until a few days ago, the opposition said that it was determined not to return to parliament without its demands being met.

Opposition will not return to parliament without an agreement watched by the international community /ibna/