Albanian opposition radicalizes its political action

Albanian opposition radicalizes its political action

Tirana, 2 March 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

The Albanian opposition has decided to radicalize its political action, following the return in parliament of the former socialist MP, Armando Prenga, who was involved a while ago in armed conflict which precipitated with the injury of several people.

Opposition leader, Lulzim Basha says that in these circumstances, democrats have no other choice but to hold a wave of protests. “There’s no other way but resistance and protest until this regime is dismantled in its very foundations”, Mr. Basha told IBNA.

Considering Mr. Prenga as a symbol of the criminalization of parliament inspired by PM Rama, opposition doesn’t see a normal functioning of parliament and its committees, therefore it has started not to attend them.

Opposition MPs boycotted proceedings in parliamentary committees as of Monday, while the heads of several ally opposition parties were gathered in a meeting by the head of DP, Lulzim Basha.

“The institutionalization of the opposition’s roundtable, the application of the decriminalization law and the guaranteeing of a free and democratic electoral process, were among the key topics of the meeting, Mr. Basha said.

Prominent opposition figures, including its historical leader, Sali Berisha, have issued declarations which talk about decisions whereby opposition MPs leave their mandates. According to them, this would make parliament dysfunctional and this would lead to early elections which would be prepared by a technical government.

But even within the DP, not everyone seems to agree with this. The DP leader Lulzim Basha is quoted to have said that democrats will not take extreme action.

However, Mr. Basha urgently gathered right wing opposition parties, where he announced “the institutionalization of the opposition’s roundtable”.

Basha said that the opposition announces the application of the decriminalization of politics, “as a top priority in Albania”.

Meanwhile, there are also other requests coming from the opposition, where the one that stands out is “the guaranteeing of a free, honest and democratic electoral process” for the next parliamentary elections which are expected to be held in June 2017.

Opposition parties have unified their stance on the decriminalization of politics. They say that they demand “the application of the decriminalization law as an urgent need for the political stability of Albania in circumstances where people with criminal records and armed bandits who have been elected MPs by the majority, are a daily threat for the safety and life of the citizens and are being used to intimidate the opposition in the country”.

“The Alliance of Crime is facing the Opposition Alliance today, which is expanding and which insists on the fact that decriminalization is a number one priority, Albania’s absolute priority. It is a top priority, followed by another priority, that of the free and honest elections”, Mr. Basha warns.

He says that the opposition coalition is also being joined by several parties which in the recent years have been alongside socialists in power. /ibna/