Albanian opposition protests against the international drug traffic

Albanian opposition protests against the international drug traffic

IBNA Special Report

Tirana, May 23, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

Opposition in Albania called a protest on Friday which was held in the form of a march in the center of Tirana. A significant number of protesters from all over the country marched in “Scanderbeg” square and then stopped in front of the Council of Ministers’ building.

The leader of Democratic Party, Basha declared during the opposition’s protest in front of the Council of Ministers’ building (photo) that “Albanians are coming out in the squares of the country to join the opposition into taking the country’s fate into their hands”.

Leader of the opposition said that the protest invited not only supporters of the right wing, but “also those who last June voted for the current majority”.

“We demand his departure as prime minister, because he’s the main responsible person for the drug traffic. His resignation would cut all links with drug traffic and it’s the key in this fight against the phenomenon”, says Mr. Basha.

He insists that this is not a battle for power, but for the “order and freedom of everyone, for the image of Albania” and for “the present and the future of the country”.

Basha said that Albania deserves the EU candidate status. He said that his protest is being held to secure the integration of the country.

Drugs, a fatal food for youth

Ina is a professor in the state university of Tirana. She says that she’s worried not only about drug traffic as a phenomenon that challenges the state. She has another worry besides the political one. “This drug , which is being trafficked from Albania to the world, turns into a factor of shocking crime. We’re sending crime outside the country, we’re destroying foreign families, we’re destroying the life of young people in Italy, Greece and everywhere by supplying them with drugs from Albania”.

Rama’s sarcastic reaction

“The plane’s wheel of the former government was stuck in the boulevard, the pilot didn’t speak, the driver shouted, passengers took the van to leave the scene”, reacted prime minister Edi Rama on Twitter and Facebook, a few minutes after the leader of the opposition concluded his speech.

Mr. Rama’s declarations were made while protesters joined the hunger strikers.

The protest is followed by the hunger strike

A group of 14 people, part of those who have been laid off the administration following the arrival of the left wing into power, has started a hunger strike three days ago. They have raised tents near the Council of Ministers’ building, in the park in front of the former mausoleum Pyramid of dictator Enver Hoxha. One of these people left the strike due to the deterioration of his health.

The strikers have outlined five demands about the government. They demand for the rulings of the court to reinstate them to work to be applied, ruling for which they claim that it hasn’t been applied yet. Strikers also demand transparency about the number of those who have been laid off. They say that the state must take responsibility for the treatment of the legislation of the administration in order to protect employees in the public sector.

The hunger strike of those who were laid off the administration, is taking place in the area where four years ago, tens of socialist MP started a hunger strike in order to demand a recounting of ballots, with the claim that the SP had won the elections. This hunger strike lasted three weeks and ended without any success. The head of SP, Edi Rama withdrew without fulfilling any of the demands of the strike. The majority of that time suggested that the hunger strikers were regularly fed. /ibna/