Albanian onshore licensing round

Albanian onshore licensing round



Albania holds two of continental Europe’s largest onshore fields, the Patos-Marinza and Kucova field, both operated by Bankers Petroleum, placing Albania amongst Europe’s largest and oldest oil and gas producers with substantial onshore and offshore fields.

Patos-Marinza alone is Europe’s largest onshore heavy oil field,  originally holding 5.4 billion barrels of oil,  and it has been recently reported that it still holds approximately 2 billion barrels of oil.

Bankers Petroleum is a Canadian-based oil and gas E&P company that operates and has full rights to develop the Patos-Marinza and Kucova heavy oilfields.

Very recently, the Ministry of Energy and Industry of Albania launched an open door licensing round for 12 onshore blocks and 1 offshore block, with the new regulations for the entire upstream sector expected to be released and defined in the upcoming month.

Join us on 1st-3rd October at the Grande Bretagne Hotel in Athens to hear exclusive insights on the highly prosperous Albanian hydrocarbons industry from Dorian Ducka, the Deputy Minister of Energy and Industry; and Mark Hodgson, the Business Development Vice President and Deputy General Director of Bankers Petroleum Albania.

For more information on this 3rd edition of the Summit reply with ‘more info Balkans’ in the subject line.

Dritan Spahiu, Director of Policies and Development of Hydrocarbons in the Ministry of Energy and Industry of Albania, will give an insightful analysis of the sector in Albania and the current developments at the Summit.

Bankers Petroleum, supporting the Ministry’s objectives and investment incentives, will join the Ministry’s delegation at the 3rd Annual Balkans and the Adriatic Oil & Gas 2014 Summit as a Gold Sponsor to the event.

Exclusive map provided by the Ministry of Energy and Industry of Albania