Albanian Minister of Energy: We will protect consumers

Albanian Minister of Energy: We will protect consumers

Tirana, September 3, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

Minister of Energy and Industry, Damian Gjiknuri has expressed his optimism about the energy sector.

In a media appearance, the minister said that during this year, incomes from energy have been up by 45 million USD and losses in the network have gone down by 7%.

“Energy is one of the most critical problems for all the countries of the world. The reform that we aim yields its results in a few years time. At the end of our term in office, we aim for the system to be efficient and march on its own feet. During these years, there have been losses as a result of the poor management by the other government. As far as prices are concerned, we will protect consumers with our policies. Consumers in need will not be affected by the reform in the energy sector. Energy has a cost”, said Gjiknuri.

The minister of Energy declared that the increasing costs push for increasing prices, but guaranteed that the government will protect families in need from higher power supply bills.

The minister said that the reformation of the energy system aims at improving power supply and reduction of losses. /ibna/