Albanian instructor prevents an airplane terrorist attack in the USA

Albanian instructor prevents an airplane terrorist attack in the USA

Tirana, 14 October 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

A passenger airplane has crashed in the United States of America during a training session for pilots. On the board of the airplane were Arian Prevalla, pilot and president of the American Flight Academy, a US citizen of Albanian roots and Rafael Majdi Feritekh, of Jordanian origins who was training to be a pilot.

In circumstances still unknown, the plane has left its course and crashed against a high voltage pylon to be engulfed by flames.

The crash led to the death of flight student, Freitekh, while his Albanian-American instructor survived, but he sustained serious injuries caused in many parts of the body. He is receiving medical treatment in the Bridgeport hospital.

The National Security Board of Transport in the USA is conducting an investigation in relation to the crash of the plane. Prevalla was inside the airplane along with the student from Jordan, who had claimed that he had arrived in the USA with the dream to become a pilot.

But it is suspected that the Jordanian may have attempted a terrorist attack. It is thought that Prevall has taken control of the plane and crashed it to avoid a terrorist act.

Authorities are yet to confirm what has happened inside the plane that crashed, but investigations indicate that there has been a physical clash between Prevalla and the Jordanian. /