Albanian governments will evaluate the China State Construction’s offer

Albanian governments will evaluate the China State Construction’s offer

Tirana, 20 October 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

The Albanian government has decided to pay a consulting company to help and evaluate the offer made by the Chinese company “China State Construction” for the construction of the Arber Road in the northeast of the country.

State Advocacy has officially started procedures with the aim of contracting a consultancy office, which will offer advice to the negotiation commission.

According to the document, the government seeks assistance to evaluate not only the legal aspect, but also the financial aspect of the offer presented by the Chinese company, an offer which is still kept secret for the public.

Arber Road will be built through a special procedure, which doesn’t fall under the law on concessions and law on public-private partnership.

Parliament has passed a special bill which entitles the government to avoid procurement law and allocate to the Chinese company a contract for the construction, maintenance and management of the road.

According to the law, the whole of the negotiation process will be followed by a special commission, led by the Ministry of Transport, but also members from the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development, Justice and State Advocacy.

The task of the commission will be to examine the proposal of the Chinese company submitted to the Ministry of Transport. This proposal defines the financial terms, deadlines and other details of the draft agreement.

The State Advocacy document reveals that the official offer of China State Construction has arrived, although the government, namely the Ministry of Transport, has been reluctant to make it public.

Now, what remains to be seen are the financial terms, but not only those which have been proposed by China State Construction and those which will be accepted by the government.

What’s certain is that the 26,8 km of the road which have not been tendered, will be built by the Chinese company and it’s very likely that road users may have to pay to use it, directly or through the budget, or a combination of both. This will be discovered once the agreement is made public. /ibna/