Albanian government pardons late payment charges on electricity bills for households and businesses

Albanian government pardons late payment charges on electricity bills for households and businesses

The opposition reacts, Grida Duma: Rama is terrified from the popular revolt, he steals DP’s program

Tirana, 2 December 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

The Albanian government has decided to pardon late payment charges that households and small sized businesses owe to the once again state owned power supply company, OSHEE.

PM Edi Rama made a public appearance today to announce the decision.

This pardoning which is valid for December and January, benefits 25 thousand heads of families who are on social allowance and the effect on the budget will be 43 million USD.

This category of customers now owes to the state owned company a 54 million USD.

The average amount that every person in need benefits is 1.665 USD.

Meanwhile, the government has also decided to pardon late payment charges for around 6500 small sized businesses and the financial effect on the state budget will be 4 million USD. The average value that every subject benefits is estimated to be around 500 euros.

The prime minister announced that similar measures will continue to be applied for households and businesses.

Meanwhile, the opposition reacted against the new measures introduced by the government by considering them as a theft of its program.

Grida Duma

Democrat MP, Grida Duma told IBNA that Rama is afraid of the protests that have been announced by the opposition and which aim the holding of early elections. “Terrified by popular revolt and the fact that people will be unified on 8 December, Edi Rama is copying the opposition’s proposals. The pardoning of late payment charges for families in need has been demanded by the DP for a long time”, Duma says.

“But neither the pardoning of late payment charges, nor any other trick will act as a life line for Edi Rama, for the most corrupt prime minister in the Balkan, who possesses around 200 million euros based on the OSCE work document, wealth which has been made through bribery”.

The opposition seems determined in its warning to overthrow power. Grida Duma says: “Citizens are rising. On 8 December they will show the power of the people against Edi Rama, who didn’t keep any promise, who increased the price of electricity for the poor and with energy, he enriched his 40 thieves. The agony of this corrupt prime minister is nearing the end and after December 8, a new path will open for Albania”. /ibna/