Albanian government officially refers to the neighboring country as FYROM

Albanian government officially refers to the neighboring country as FYROM

By Edison Kurani

The Albanian government published on Wednesday a decision where it no longer refers to the neighboring country“Macedonia”, but “former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”.

The decision was a financing agreement between Albania, FYROM and European Commission.

“Based on the Constitution and the law ‘On international agreements in the Republic of Albania’, upon the proposal of the minister of European Integration, the Council of Ministers decided to approve in principle the financing agreement between the Republic of Albania, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and European Commission for the program of cross border cooperation IPA II, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia-Republic of Albania 2014-2020”, the official text of the decision which is enacted at once states.

Often, Albanian politicians refer to the neighboring country with “Macedonia”, but officially, Albania doesn’t recognize this country with this name, but with “FYROM”. The decision which has been published today proves this.

Relations between the two countries have aggravated recently following the attacks coming from VMRO-DPMNE of Nikola Gruevski against the Albanian government for interfering in FYROM’s domestic affairs, through the drafting of an Albanian platform in Tirana on behalf of political sides in FYROM. This platform was not accepted by Gruevski, while it was accepted by SDSM of Zoran Zaev and Albanian parties which are in a coalition with it. /