Albanian football Super League, “Skenderbeu” of Korca leads with several records

Albanian football Super League, “Skenderbeu” of Korca leads with several records

Tirana, April 20, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Five weeks before the end, “Skenderbeu” football club leads the Albanian national league, the Super League. The club from Korca is 3 points clear from Kukesi and Tirana, the two rivals that it will face on two away matches.

Since the start, the team from Korca was the main pretender for the title and now, besides the lead, this team has marked several records.

The team built by Mirel Josa has gathered 66 points, registering so far the best defense and attack of the league.

The white and red team has only conceded 16 goals, the lowest amount of goals in this season. Meanwhile, it has scored 49 goals, one more than Kukes which is ranked second.

In line with these records are also the victories and defeats in the league, as the 20 victories are accompanied by only 5 defeats, a record number so far.

Another positive record for “Skenderbeu” consists of the points gathered at home, 42 points in 16 matches.

The champions have registered 13 victories and 3 draws with an average of goals 37-7. 16 players of this club have managed to score this season and this is a record in this league.

For the first time in the last seasons, the club from Korca doesn’t have a goal scorer among the seven best ones of the Super League.

The club coached by Mirel Josa also has a negative record. The team has been given 8 red cards during this season, a negative record for a team which in the past has been one of the fair play teams on field.

Football experts say that this figure indicates the strong efforts made by this team on the field, in search of the fifth title in a row, to seal yet another record. /ibna/