Albanian Football Association postpones League B and C matches

Albanian Football Association postpones League B and C matches

Tirana, 13 September 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

In Albania, League B and League C matches have been postponed until further notice, following a decision taken by the Albanian Football Association. These leagues were scheduled to start on 10 and 18 September.

The decision came following the fact that a part of the clubs has not paid their financial obligations and others have failed to meet the licensing criteria.

For this reason, Executive Committee of the Albanian Football Federation has decided to postpone their starting date. This Committee said that the clubs that do not meet the financial obligations and the licensing criteria, will not be included in the draw and as a result, they will not participate in League A. These clubs will be replaced by League B clubs, based on sporting merits.

Out of 20 clubs that both leagues have, 14 of them have not paid their financial obligations.

A part of these clubs have dominated Albanian Super League for many years and they have been famous clubs in Albania. In the recent years, their glory has faded. /