Albanian farmers are invited to benefit from “IPARD-like” funds

Albanian farmers are invited to benefit from “IPARD-like” funds

Tirana, March 18, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

Albanian authorities have invited farmers to benefit from IPARD-like funds (EU pre accession instrument). These funds allocated for Albanian agriculture amount to 8.2 million Euros, where the EU offers 6.2 million Euros, while the Albanian government allocates 2.07 million Euros.

Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Administration of Waters says that farmers can apply until May 2, 2014.

These funds are seen as a golden opportunity by farmers, in order to modernize their farms or agriprocessing industries.

Farmers will be able to benefit 50% of their investment, once they’ve made the investment. If a farmer invests 100 thousand Euros, 50 thousand Euros are refunded to him by this fund.

Eva Kushova from the Ministry of Agriculture says that IPARD-like grant scheme will be implemented by taking two measures: Investments in agricultural farms and investments in the processing and trading of agricultural products. /ibna/