Albanian entrepreneur Samir Mane on the list of the wealthiest people in Europe with 700 million Euros

Albanian entrepreneur Samir Mane on the list of the wealthiest people in Europe with 700 million Euros

Tirana, January 7, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

The Albanian entrepreneur, Samir Mane, owner of several companies, among the biggest and the most known ones in Albania and the region, is ranked among the richest people in Europe.

“The Post International” published today the full list that you may find below.

Amid Europe’s richest people, besides Mr. Samir Mane, owner of Balfin Group and several companies and other businesses, are also the owners of Zara, H&M, Lidl, Lego, Heiniken, RedBull.

Samir Mane is the businessman that leads the list of the 10 richest people in Albania. He’s officially known as the only owner of Balfin Group, joint investor and consultancy services.

He’s also the only owner of Mane TCI, which deals in construction, real estate and property rental, Albchrome Albania, he holds 90% of Neptun’s shares, which is the outlet of home appliances, 88% of shares at Tirana East Gate, the biggest commercial center in Albania.

Mane is the owner of several other businesses. His companies are also present in the region, such as Kosovo, FYROM, Serbia, up to Austria.

Below is the list of the richest people in Europe

Amancio Ortega – Spain, 47 billion euro

Liliane Bettencourt – France, 28 billion euros

Stefan Persson – Sweden, 24 billion euros

Michele Ferrero – Italy, 20 billion euros

Dieter Schwarz – Germany, 16 billion euros

Alisher Usmanov – Russia, 14 billion euros

Pallonji Mistry – Ireland, 11 billion euros

Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken– Holland, 11 billion euros

Joh Fredriksen – Cyprus, 11 billion euros

Gerald Grosvenor – UK, 10 billion euros

Ernesto Bertarelli – Switzerland, 9 billion euros

Rinat Akhmetov – Ukraine, 8 billion euros

Petr Kellner – Czech Republic, 8 billion euros

Kjiel Kirk Kristiansen – Denmark, 7,5 billion euros

Dietrich Mateschitz – Austria, 7 billion euros

Americo Amorim – Portugal 4 billion euros

Stein Erik Hegen – Norway, 4 billion euros

Albert Frère – Belgium, 3 billion euros

Murat Ülker – Turkey, 3 billion euros

Jan Kulczyk – Poland, 2,2 billion euros

Antti Herlin – Finland, 2 billion euros

Spiros Latsis – Greece, 1,5 billion euros

Vladimir Peftiev – Belarus, 1 billion euros

Nerijus Numavicius – Lithuania, 800 million euros

Ivica Todoric – Croatia, 800 million euros

Björgolfur Thor BjörgolfssonIoan – Iceland, 800 million euros

Ian Niculae – Romania, 700 million euro

Samir Mane – Albania, 700 million euros

Ivan Chrenko – Slovakia, 600 million euros

Sandor Demjan – Hungary, 500 million euros

Miodrag Kostic – Serbia, 500 million euros

Minco Jordanov – FYR Macedonia, 500 milion euros

Anatol Stati – Moldova, 400 million euros

Hillar Teder – Estonia, 400 million euros

Vassil Bozhkov – Bulgaria, 350 million euros

Oleg Fils – Latvia, 180 million euros

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