“Albanian consumers must be supplied at any cost with power supply”

“Albanian consumers must be supplied at any cost with power supply”

Tirana, September 17, 2013

A few days after Power Regulatory Authority turned down the tender of CEZ Distribution (state owned company for the sale of power supply, privatized by the Czechs and temporarily renationalized), the new Minister of Energy and Industry has demanded for power supply to be guaranteed for all Albanian consumers.

In a meeting held yesterday with heads of “CEZ Distribution”, Albanian Power Corporation (KESH) and Transmission System Operator (OST), Minister of Energy and Industry, Damian Gjiknuri (photo) demanded “for Albanian consumers to be supplied at any cost with power supply without power cutoffs”.

Minister Gjiknuri has been briefed on the recent situation of power supply in the country and on the measures taken to guarantee normal power supply in the months to come.

“In spite of the transition of power from one government to the other, work in these institutions must not slow down, but guarantee maximum engagement in carrying out legal opportunities”, was the demand made by Mr. Gjiknuri.

The new minister also demanded financial stability, by preventing unnecessary expenses in all three companies.

Mr. Gjiknuri’s demand to secure power supply at any cost, comes a few days after new Prime Minister declared that there’s only 3 month worth of power supply left to fulfill the needs of population.

A few days ago, CEZ Distribution had held a tender for the import of power supply for the period January 01-December 31, 2014 amounting to 90 million Euros, a tender which saw the participation of 21 international companies. Although this tender was completed, it was annulled by the board of Power Regulatory Authority. The excuse given by an official of PRA was that the conditions of the offer should have been analyzed.

Nonetheless, general director of PRA, Shkelqim Bozgo declared that the tender must be carried out by the new government.

“CEZ Distribution’s status is that of a temporary administrator, therefore we must wait what the new government will decide about the future of CEZ”, said Mr. Bozgo.

“After this, Power Regulatory Authority will decide on the procedures which will be followed for the purchase of power in 2014”. /ibna/