An Albanian cardinal in the Vatican

An Albanian cardinal in the Vatican

Tirana, 10 October 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

During the Sunday prayer in the Vatican, Pope Francis has announced the new cardinals, among which there’s Dom Ernest Troshani from Albania.

Dom Ernest Troshani is the only priest who is made Cardinal to be honored.

Two years ago, on 21 September 2014, on the occasion of the visit of Pope Francis in Tirana, Dom Ernest Troshani gave an account of his suffering and that of the Albanian Church during the communist regime.

What caught the attention of many people at that time were the warm hug and the Pope’s tears. Due to his age, Troshani cannot participate in conclaves.

Dom Ernest Troshani is the second Albanian cardinal after Mikel Koliqi, who was announced cardinal by Pope John Paul II for his account of the Christian life and for martyrdom. The announcement of Dom Ernest Troshani a cardinal is considered is a sign of honor and gratitude by Pope Francis for Albania ahead of the Beatification of the 38 Albanian martyrs on 5 December of this year in Shkoder. /