Albanian borders have not been affected by the refugee crisis

Albanian borders have not been affected by the refugee crisis

Tirana, 2 March 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

While neighboring countries such as Greece and FYR Macedonia are facing a large wave of refugees and their growing numbers are expected to cause more concern, Albania seems not to be affected by this phenomenon.

Recently there have been reports for attempts by illegal refugees who through Albania aim at crossing to Montenegro and then to different European countries.

For days there have been talks for the possibility of diverting the numbers of refugees from Middle East from Greece and FYROM toward the Albanian border. However, the situation in the border crossing points with these countries seems calm.

In the land borders that link Albania to Greece and FYR Macedonia, there have been no concentrations or crossing of refugees in drastic numbers. Reports indicate isolated cases of up to 20 refugees who managed to enter the Albanian territory, the majority of which are caught by police.

For days now, in the green border with Greece, FNSH special forces have arrived to carry out patrols and monitor the situation.

Meanwhile, border crossing point of Murriqan and the area of the Lake of Shkoder continue to be calm and there are no attempts of refugees to use Albania as a transit country to cross to EU member countries. /ibna/

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