Albania: Tensions rise in Tirana as people take to the streets over the murder of the 25-year-old by the police

Albania: Tensions rise in Tirana as people take to the streets over the murder of the 25-year-old by the police

Dozens of people protested in Tirana on Wednesday afternoon against the murder of 25-year-old Klodian Rasha, who was shot dead near his home by a police officer on Tuesday when he did not comply with the calls of the police to stop for a check.

The protest took place first in front of the Ministry of Interior building and then the citizens gathered in front of the entrance of the Prime Minister’s Office, with calls for the resignation of the Minister of Interior, Sandër Lleshaj.

Tensions were high during the protests, with protesters hitting the windows of the Ministry of Interior with hard objects, while some broke the windows and tried to enter, but were stopped by police. Journalists say 9 people were injured, including three police officers and a journalist.

Protesters set fire to a Christmas tree near the prime minister’s office and destroyed it. The police formed a protective chain between the citizens and the prime minister.

The situation became tense when protesters tried to enter the prime minister’s building. Law enforcement officers joined the rapid reaction forces who pushed back the crowd of young people from the entrance of the building. Protesters continued to throw objects at police, such as stones and tiles, which they removed from the boulevard.

According to reports, several demonstrators attacked police cars, breaking the windows of two of them that were stationed at an avenue.

The protesters then returned to the Interior Ministry where they burned the curtain of one of the offices. Then they went to “Skënderbej” square, where they destroyed the Christmas decoration and the tree.

After that, some of the protesters continued to the Tirana Police Department. They were not allowed to approach there and meanwhile set fire to trash bins on the street, blocking traffic along the “Myslym Shyri” Street.

Minister of the Interior, Sander Lleshaj, today expressed his full confidence in the competent legal institutions that they will complete the investigations into the murder of Klodian Rasha quickly, accurately, correctly and free of any influence.

The state police, on its part, amid the reaction stated that, “after the incident, apart from the investigations started by independent bodies, in order to fully clarify the circumstances of the incident, the competent structures of the state police intensively analyze causes, actions, omissions or other factors that led to the fatal incident”.

Police expert Artan Rexhepi told journalist Ilva Tare at Euronews Albania that the story of the murder of young Klodian Rasha has no dark spots, because according to him you do not have to be a professional to understand that the police acted illegally in a way, shooting from behind a harmless man, who was near his house.

Deputy Prime Minister Erion Braçe said today that “the assassination of Klodian Rasha is a criminal offense, investigable, critical, with the maximum punishment”, while the barbaric violence tonight (yesterday) in Tirana is not justice.

“The murder of Klodian Rasha is very serious. It is a terrible loss for his family, parents first, relatives, friends and companions! It is indelible to them, so any consolation does not even come close to their pain. Every murder demands justice and there will be justice. “Clean, complete, fast and without defending or rescuing anyone who is guilty”, Braçe said.

He also said he did not know the circumstances of the murder, adding that “Klodian Rasha was a citizen of this country, with full rights, starting from the right to life. Life should not be taken away for any reason, I think”, he said.

“But,” Brace continued, “one thing I want to say now is that this murder is not political, it was not asked for or ordered by the government or any politician”.

“According to him, the barbaric violence tonight (yesterday) in Tirana is not justice for Klodian Rasha”.

The president of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, speaking from Vlora, accused Edi Rama and Sandër Lleshaj of being responsible for the murder of the young Klodian Rasha.

“Yesterday was the day of youth, even in difficult conditions, it is a day that we must honor and remember with joy in our souls that it was the youth that even in the darkest days brought change to our nation, brought hope. It brought light, but even yesterday it was hit hard by a terrible event, by the murder of 25-year-old Klodian Rasha”, Basha said.

“A barbarity where those responsible are not just those who pulled the trigger against an innocent young man, 20 meters from the door of the house, but those who allowed violence and cruelty to every link in the government. The Prime Minister, his subordinate, who, if he had a trace of dignity, would have resigned, or if he had a trace of compassion, the Prime Minister, should have fired the Director General of Police, but there is no such he would do such a thing, because he is the inspirer of this barbarity, of this arrogance, of this contempt for dignity, for human life, for the lives of young people. Evil has reached the marrow, so it must be uprooted”, Basha stressed./ibna