Albania takes over the chairmanship of the Energy Community on January 1st

Albania takes over the chairmanship of the Energy Community on January 1st

Tirana, September 24, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

Albania takes over on January 1, 2015, the chairmanship of the Energy Community. The Albanian minister of Energy, Damian Gjiknuri was in Kiev, Ukraine, at the ministerial of the Energy Community. He introduced the priorities of the Albanian chairmanship and the main objectives. Gjiknuri said that the main priority will consist on the reform of the Energy Community and the implementation of the recommendation proposed with the aim of creating energy unification. “Today, more than ever, contracting sides must understand the importance of exploiting the full potential of the legal framework of the Energy Community, with the scope of reforming the energy sector and creation of a joint regulatory zone with the European Union”, said the minister. He stressed that the policies that guarantee secure, competitive and sustainable supply of energy will be at the top of the agenda.

Gjiknuri said that Albania completely supports the active role of the Energy Community in the promotion of the integrated energy market and the efforts for the implementation of the third energy package.

“Although the implementation of the third package will not be an easy task, it’s a prerequisite for a regulatory and coherent framework, as the basis for a European integrated market, which secures effective competition and strengthens the role of the consumer”, said the minister.

Mr. Gjiknuri also stopped on the global process of gasification and said that the gas corridor is a priority, while TAP is the leader of this project.

Therefore, in the final report for the implementation of reforms in the member countries, which was approved by all the members of the Community and representatives of the European Parliament, at the request of minister Gjiknuri, the gas Corridor, including the TAP project, as leader of this corridor, was added.


The 12th session of the Ministerial Committee of the member countries of the Energy Community was held in the premises of the Diplomatic Academy of Kiev in Ukraine (photo). This Committee was co-chaired by the vice president of the European Commission, Gunther Oettinger, prime minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenuk, Ukrainian minister of Energy, Yuri Prodan in the quality of the country which chairs the Energy Community and the minister of Energy and Industry of Albania, Mr. Damian Gjiknuri as the country which will take over this chairmanship in 2015.


Albania is part of the TAP project, whose principle aim in the European part, is the expansion of the supply capacities in Italy and further penetration of gas in Europe. But, the country is facing a serious problem. The gas that will go through the country and then distributed for the European consumer, cannot be exploited by Albanians. All these years, nobody thought about putting in place a gas supply system for households, businesses and public institutions, like neighboring Italy.

This way, Albanians will be penalized until nobody knows when, thus being deprived from the possibility of using gas as a means of heating and cooking, although its cost is lower and the quantity is sufficiently high.

Currently, heating and cooking for Albanians is in total chaos. Contrary to other countries, there is no gas system or other combustion substances in homes and other buildings. Thus, people use air conditioning and other electric heating appliances. Very few use gas heaters and even fewer wood stoves, although the country has many of these sources and with the TAP investment, even more. /ibna/