Albania signs an agreement with Italian Anti-mafia for the seizure of criminal assets

Albania signs an agreement with Italian Anti-mafia for the seizure of criminal assets

Tirana, November 5, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

Albanian Prosecution and Italian Anti-mafia have signed a cooperation agreement to strengthen fight against organized crime, focusing on the seizure of criminal assets. The agreement was signed today in Tirana (photo) by the General Attorney of Albania, Adriatik Llalla and National Prosecutor of the Italian Anti-mafia, Franco Roberti.

Cooperation in the fight against organized crime has been formalized with a Memorandum of Cooperation in 1997, between the Albanian General Prosecution and National Directorate of the Italian Anti-Mafia. Since then, the two investigating structures have had constant cooperation and concrete results.

Based on the fact that organized crime improves its methods of attaining its criminal objectives, investigative structures must also respond coherently.

For this reason, one of the reasons of the visit of Mr. Roberti and his colleagues to Albania is the signing of the Bilateral Cooperation Agreement in the framework of the fight against organized crime and laundering of criminal proceeds.

Albanian General Attorney, Adriatik Llalla considers the cooperation of Albanian authorities with Italian counterparts, especially in the fight against organized crime, as very important.

“Currently, prosecution is focused in the investigation of assets that are generated by the proceeds of crime. From one year to another, the number of properties and bank accounts of people or groups involved in organized crime, has increased. On the other hand, investigative authorities have made it clear that in order to be successful in the fight against organized crime, its financial source must be attacked. Italy has an important experience in this aspect and has served as a guide for Albanian institutions”, said Mr. Llalla.

Meanwhile, Mr. Roberti said that organized crime has developed in time, in form and in mode of operation. For this reason, he said, it’s important to improve work methods, in order to be coherent in the fight against this crime.

In the past 25 years, many Albanians have become part of criminal organizations, mainly in Italy. They have often dealt in the traffic of human beings, narcotics, thefts, robberies and other illicit profits. The majority of them have invested money by opening businesses in Albania. They have mainly invested in bars, restaurants, hotels and similar other businesses. /ibna/