Albania sends its observers with the OSCE mission in Crimea

Albania sends its observers with the OSCE mission in Crimea

Tirana, March 10, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

Albania has decided to contribute with two observers in the OSCE mission in Crimea. Upon the request of Ukraine and in application of the 2011 Vienna Document on Confidence and Security Building Measures, includes inspections and monitoring missions in the territory of a member country of the organizations which has armed forces.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that it strongly supports international observers of UNO and OSCE in the area of Crimea and eastern Ukraine in order to offer concrete possibilities to the International Community to be informed in real time and in an transparent way over the developments of the situation.

Foreign Ministry’s stance on the latest developments in Ukraine

Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that it condemns the military intervention of Russian Federation in Ukraine, “in breach of international law and sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country”.

“By condemning the political actions that aim to legitimize the use of forces, the Foreign Ministry is determined to support the sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity of Ukraine and the right of the Ukrainian people to determine its future without foreign interventions”, says the Foreign Ministry in its official reaction.

Foreign Ministry of Albania calls for a compliance with international law and signed agreements, by avoiding every use of force which produces serious destabilization effects for Ukraine and international security and calls for political dialogue to be restored, as the legitimate instrument which would lead toward the normalization of the situation. /ibna/