Albania: Reactions from the opposition to the extension to 12 p.m. of the coastal zone of Greece

Albania: Reactions from the opposition to the extension to 12 p.m. of the coastal zone of Greece

The Democratic Party of Albania (PD) reacted strongly, expressing concern over the developments related to the progress of the agreement on the demarcation of maritime areas between the Republic of Albania and the Republic of Greece.

In a statement issued by the DP press office, it expressed its concern about the government’s silence and lack of transparency regarding the latest developments regarding the decree on the expansion of Greek territorial waters.

“Faced with a situation where the Hellenic Republic has declared the extension of its territorial waters up to 12 miles, it is absolutely legal for every Albanian citizen to ask these questions to the Government”, the Democratic Party said in a statement, asking questions of the Government.

“Why is there is no transparency in the negotiations on the demarcation of the sea borders, although negotiations with Greece for this purpose have started since 2013? What are the elements that have been negotiated, what has been agreed and what has not been agreed? Has the idea ever been discussed in these negotiations that the Greek government “will extend its territorial waters from 6 to 12 miles?” If so, what was the position of the Albanian government on this point?”, it is mentioned in the statement of PD.

The PD also asks: “If this extension of territorial waters to 12 n.m. from the Greek side has put Albania in a less favorable negotiating position? Has the Albanian government analyzed the legal and other consequences of this extension that has long been reported in the media? “If this expansion puts Albania in a less favorable position, the Albanian government should express its reservations about this enlargement as well as other aspects that are worsening Albania’s position”.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama reacted to the Democratic Party’s announcement, calling it national folklore of Albanian politics without borders.

Edi Rama also published documents from 1990 where it is proven that Albania validated what Greece is doing today and this is valid today in the United Nations register.

We live in the 21st century and in the middle of Europe, where the seas and lands can not be “sold” and “bought” either secretly or openly by any special authority! “This can only happen in the mire of corruption and ignorance, where the mud of Albania finds a square for its perfection!” Rama noted.

“The right of 12 miles is exercised where it is possible and not where it is not possible, as is the case in the area between us where the dividing line will be decided by the court! Greece has exercised it recently, as Albania has exercised it since 1990! The others are for tears!” Rama said.

“The mud of the national-folklore of Albanian politics without borders, without knowledge and faith, has been poured back into the digital ocean through the great slander of the “sale of the sea” to Greece! “This extreme nonsense for political gain can only be believed by those who do not want to hear or understand!” Rama continued.

“Here are the documents of 1990, when Albania determined what Greece did today and which is valid all day today in the UN register! Neither the Greek side had anything to dispute then, nor do we have anything to dispute today about Greece’s decision! “Leave the mud in its mud!”, Edi Rama concluded./ibna