Albania: Rama conducts a wide-raging cabinet reshuffle

Albania: Rama conducts a wide-raging cabinet reshuffle

Prime Minister Edi Rama presented this Thursday at the General Assembly of the Socialist Party the names of the new government cabinet being at the helm in this 3rd term.

The head of government has confirmed 7 ministers in office. Arben Ahmetaj will continue to be the Minister of Reconstruction, but in addition to this task he will also hold the post of Deputy Prime Minister.

Peleshi is confirmed at the head of the Defense Ministry, Olta Xhaçka as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bledi Çuçi as Minister of Interior, Belinda Balluku at the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Ogerta Manastirliu as Minister of Health.

The new names in the government cabinet are that of Ulsi Manja who will hold the post of Minister of Justice. In the previous legislature, Manja was chairman of the Law Commission.

Frida Krifca previously holding the position of the Chairwoman of ARDA is assigned as the Minister of Agriculture from. Delina Ibrahimaj will be transferred from the Tax Directorate to head the Ministry of Economy. Mirela Kumbaro returns to the government cabinet, holding the position of the Minister of Tourism and Environment.

Full list of the ministers inducted into the cabinet:

The Deputy Prime Minister will be Arben Ahmetaj

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Europe Olta Xhaçka

Minister of Defense Niko Peleshi

Minister of Justice Ulsi Manja

Minister of Internal Affairs Bledi Çuçi

Minister of Finance Delina Ibrahimi

Minister of Infrastructure Belinda Balluku

Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu

Minister of Education Evis Kushi

Minister of Culture Elva Margariti

Ministry of Agriculture Frida Krifca

Ministry of Tourism and Environment Mirela Kumbaro

The new government will have four state ministers:

Elisa Spiropali Minister for Relations with Parliament

Edona Bilali Minister of State for Entrepreneurship Protection

Bora Muzhaqi Minister of State for Youth and Children

Milva Economi Minister of State for Standards and Services/ibna