Albania proposes the creation of a free trade zone in the Balkans

Albania proposes the creation of a free trade zone in the Balkans

The proposal is made by Premier Rama, the details are revealed

Tirana, 10 June 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

Albania is looking to become a promoter of the economic development of the Balkans, by drafting a special plan which aims at turning the peninsula into a free trade area.

The draft has been prepared by PM Rama’s government and would be presented for the first time in the Balkan Summit which is expected to be held in a few weeks in Paris.

IBNA brings you details of this ambitious plan which holds the signature of PM Edi Rama. He confirms that “Albania has undertaken the incentive for a joint project which aims at removing all tax barriers and the facilitating commerce and interaction. “Albania has taken the incentive of proposing the next meeting of the Balkan prime ministers a joint project to remove all barriers, not only those that relate to charges, but also the creation of a free trade area, similar to the European Union. The countries of the region must behave with each other the same way as the EU countries behave with each other. We must go beyond CEFTA”, Mr. Rama says.

He says that assistance has been received by the World Bank offices throughout the region, stressing that this is “our project”.

He also unfolds the fact that this package has been approved by the majority of the prime ministers of the Balkans, but a part of them have not yet done this, because several governments are facing political problems. /