Albania: Meta intervention on the poisoning of Kruja residents

Albania: Meta intervention on the poisoning of Kruja residents

Around 35 people presented with symptoms of poisoning in the last 2 days in the emergency room of Kruja hospital.

Kruja police, after receiving a notification on Monday afternoon, from the emergency room of Kruja Hospital, that in the last two days about 35 citizens, suspected of being poisoned, have sought medical assistance, an investigative team was immediately formed, which went to Kruja Hospital and continues to work to clarify the circumstances and clarify the cause.

After receiving assistance at the hospital, the patients left for their homes. On receiving the information, the health authorities were mobilised. It is learnt that these are residents of only one neighbourhood in the city.

The police have alerted public health agencies and the National Security to clarify the situation. Analyses are awaited from DFS Kruja and Tirana. The investigative team is taking all procedural steps to clarify the causes and clarify the circumstances of the case.

The drinking water investigations have come out clean, but investigations to find the cause of the poisoning are ongoing. IPH says it has contacted public health staff and is monitoring the situation.

President Ilir Meta today reacted to the poisoning situation of the residents in Kruja.

Expressing his wishes for the residents’ speedy recovery, Meta urged the epidemiological and forensic health services to find out the cause and causes of this incident as soon as possible.

“I am following with concern the mass poisoning of Kruja residents, a worrying situation that must be dealt with with great responsibility and seriousness by the state institutions in charge of public health and also by the judiciary,” Meta said.

“To the poisoned citizens, I wish them recovery as soon as possible and overcoming without serious and long-term consequences, as well as expressing all solidarity with their families.”/ibna