Albania: Macron and Rama discuss bilateral issues and French investments while in Paris

Albania: Macron and Rama discuss bilateral issues and French investments while in Paris

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama met with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris, with whom he had a working lunch.

After the working lunch, the Albanian Prime Minister gave an interview, stating that he discussed with the French President the three projects France is implementing in Albania; in the field of energy, the supply of drinking water in Durrës and a program for women and girls.

In the interview, Edi Rama stressed that “it was an invitation from the President with whom we had not met for a long time. He wanted to have a working lunch with me to discuss bilateral relations, the progress of the French Development Agency program, which is committed to funding three important projects. The most important project is the investment to complete all the work that must be done to complete the full investments made for the water supply in the city of Durrës and finally to guarantee, also for Durrës, the 24-hour uninterrupted water supply, a commitment I asked for and the President took on after the earthquake.”

Rama also referred to another important funding for the electricity system, as well as a program for women and girls, a very interesting program that Albania will implement together with the French Development Organization.

Edi Rama said that, “at the same time, we talked about France’s investments in energy in Albania, where Voltalia Group invests in the largest photovoltaic park in the region, in Karavasta and also in 1 or 2 other important projects.”

“We talked about the European Investment Plan for the Balkans, which is already a funded project and where we are actively seeking funding for some important projects with a national and regional impact on transport, infrastructure and digitalisation,” Rama said.

The Albanian Prime Minister said that, “of course we emphasized on the situation in the region, the progress of relations between the countries in the region, the dialogue process between Serbia and Kosovo, the process of implementing the four EU freedoms within the Schengen area and on other issues, which were also center-stage during our long conversation.”

Asked if he had received messages about the accession process, the Albanian Prime Minister replied that “it is an ongoing process. I have said it and I repeat it that there is no secret. It is the biggest public secret, if I may say so, that we have done our job and everything will depend on the situation in the European Council and the dynamics of the EU countries. So this is a fact and we do not need to think about it,” Rama concluded. /ibna