Albania loses the second match of Euro 2016 too, France scores two goals

Albania loses the second match of Euro 2016 too, France scores two goals

The Albanian side cannot escape to punishments in the last minutes

Tirana, 16 June 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

The Albanian national football team has also lost its second match last night in Marseille against France. The French team scored twice in Albania’s goal.

But the goals for France were scored at the end of the match. The first one was scored by Griezmann on the 90th minute. The second one was scored by Payet at the end of the match, after 6 minutes of injury time.

Football experts said that Albania kept most of the match under control, by not allowing France to score until the end.

But, a few second before the end of the dramatic 90 minutes, France, one of the main pretenders for Euro 2016, scored by unblocking the 0-0 result. In injury time, Payet scored another goal, ending the match 2-0.

The Velodrome stadium in Marseille had at least 16 thousand Albanian fans who watched the match in the stadium and around it. After the match, the team’s coach, Gianni de Biasi said that we should be proud of the team.

This was the second defeat in a row, following the one to Switzerland, which it lost one nil.

The third match is expected to be played against Romania in four days. This is the last match of the group. The hopes for further qualification are not that great following two defeats and being positioned last on the table. /