Albania loses its renowned academic, Ylli Popa

Albania loses its renowned academic, Ylli Popa

Albania has lost one of its most renowned academics, Ylli Popa, who chaired its Academy of Sciences for more than a decade, from 1997 to 2007.

“The renowned intellectual with a very rich activity spanning out in a period of 6 decades, academic Ylli Popa passed away following a deteriorated health condition”, this institution officially declared.

Let us recall that Popa has also served two times as Member of Parliament. A cardiologist by profession and founder of the Albanian school of cardiology, he developed his scientific and intellectual activity focusing on this domain.

Meanwhile, for six years in a row (1987-1993), he also served as chairman of the Balkan Medical Union for Albania.

Popa will also be remembered as founder of the Albanian Helsinki Committee, in which he played a key role in defending human rights. /