Albania launches procedures for exploration of gas and oil at sea

Albania launches procedures for exploration of gas and oil at sea

Tirana, March 17, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

The Albanian government has announced the start of exploration at  sea for oil and gas. PM Edi Rama said today that the government will soon carry out the seismic of the free sea blocks and the holding of procedures for the granting of free blocks at sea.

This was declared today by Mr. Rama in the two day energy summit “Albanian Oil, Gas & Energy Summit 2015” which started today in Tirana.

“The reforms and steps that have been taken must be an appeal for companies that can invest in new explorations and opportunities that Albania has to offer”, said Mr. Rama, announcing the launch of procedures for drillings at sea.

“We’re determined to favor the development of the exploration of this sector in the domain of oil and gas, guaranteeing concessions for all investors”, Mr. Rama said.

A few days ago, parliament passed a new bill on hydrocarbons, in order to grant oil blocks through procedures entirely reviewed.

Commenting the legal amendments, Mr. Rama said that the new procedures aim at boosting cooperation between government and investors, avoiding several obstacles and by helping the state, as a regulatory, to bring positive effects in the oil market.

The PM declared that the amendments in the legislative framework may be an appeal for serious companies that can use new procedures and explorations that Albania offers.

He says that energy occupies a special place in the government program, as a sector which is seen as one of the most important sources of economic growth.

Rama called for cooperation in the Balkan in the domain of energy. “Our direction is in line with EU energy policies in order to use the full capacity of the natural energy potential. The Balkan has an important strategic role and can play a decisive role in the reduction of energy dependency for each of the countries and guarantee a greener, cleaner and safer environment. But in order for our approach not to remain a mere vision, we must deliver drastic reforms, significant investments and cooperation on a national and regional level”, Rama said. /ibna/