Albania, Kosovo and FYROM with a joint program for education and science

Albania, Kosovo and FYROM with a joint program for education and science

Tirana, 23 November 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Ministers of Education of FYROM, Albania and Kosovo, Abdilaqim Ademi, Lindita Nikolla and Arsim Bajrami, have signed the Joint Executive Program. This program was part of the agreement in the domain of education and science reached between the three countries five months ago in Vlora.

According to the Albanian minister of Education, Lindita Nikolla, this program will enable the implementation of joint projects and proposals in many domains, which will have an impact in the development of education and science and in achieving European standards in the domain of knowledge.

The endorsement of this agreement on the 107th anniversary of the Congress of Manastir, was considered as a special moment for all of Albanians. This day was commemorated by many activities in Manastir and several other cities.

The meeting between the ministers of Education of Albania, Kosovo and FYR Macedonia, was another possibility to express concerns on the problems that exist. One of them was the difficult state of the Museum of the Albanian Alphabet. The façade of this building which bears values for the Albanian nation, is ruined in several parts, while the yard is filled with wastes. Ministry of Culture in Albania says that it has drafted a project to restore the museum. /ibna/