Albania-Kosovo energy highway will be ready next year

Albania-Kosovo energy highway will be ready next year

Pristina, 30 June 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The 400 Kv interconnection line which will link Kosovo to Albania is expected to be completed by mid 2016.

This was declared by the Albanian minister of Energy and Industry, Damian Gjiknuri, who participated in the Expoforum held in Pristina, dubbed “New ways of funding strategic projects Kosovo Pristina”.

“The project will be completed based on the contract’s deadlines, by mid 2016. We started a bit late, for reasons which are already known, but the investment is going as planned”, Gjiknuri said.

Gjiknuri also said that Albania is moving forward with the gasification project, a project which will also benefit Kosovo in the future. He added that Kosovo and Albania are planning on having joint energy markets in the future.

Meanwhile, the energy highway 241 kilometers long  will be funded by the German bank KFW.

In Albania, this project will cost around 42 million Euros, while in Kosovo, around 16.5 million Euros. /ibna/