Albania imports 65% of the electricity that is consumed

Albania imports 65% of the electricity that is consumed

Tirana, 21 October 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

While a good part of the south of the country is under water and rain has caused problems in almost all the country, the situation with the production of electricity appears to be even more problematic.

Albania should at least have benefited from the recent rainfall in order to produce more electricity.

But the contrary has happened. Today, 65% of the electricity consumed in the country is imported.

Official data from the Albanian Power Corporation show that:

Total consumption is 14 513 megawatt/hour

Production in the country is 5141 megawatt/hour

Import is 9372 megawatt/hour

A simple calculation reveals that Albania purchases 65% of its energy in the foreign market, according the Hungarian exchange, that the Albanian government refers to.

Meanwhile, situation in the main power plants of the country has not changed compared to several weeks ago. /ibna/