Albania financial profit from the power interconnection with FYROM

Albania financial profit from the power interconnection with FYROM

Tirana 16 August 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

European Commission has estimated in a special analysis about the investments in Balkans region that the construction of power interconnection 400 kilowatt between Albania and FYROM will provide an additional profit for Albanian GDP at the amount of  314 million Euros.

This interconnection line is initiated by European Commission to establish electric power transmission between Bulgaria, former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Italy.

The interconnection segment between Bulgaria and FYROM is already finished and the construction of cable lines between Italy and Montenegro is underway.

This project aims the establishment and the consolidation of a joint power trade in Balkans region, leading to the cost decrease for the power supply between these countries. Meanwhile, a new 400 kilowatt interconnection between Albania and Montenegro is already operational.

European Commission’s analysis points out that the annual power consumption has significantly increases, as well as the burden over the current transmission grid.

These factors have caused continuous power interruptions throughout the year, for  families and businesses as well.

EC warns that the current transmission systems are unable to support the new power plant production planned for the south of Albania such as hydro power plant in Devoll, Vjose, in the waterfalls of Osum river, and other small HECs in south rivers.

The new power interconnection with FYROM will reinforce the power supply of the south of Albania.

European Commission and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) have offered financial aid for the identification stage of the project as part of Western Balkans Investment framework. /