Albania elects its new President

Albania elects its new President

Ilir Meta, current Speaker of Parliament and leader of the Socialist Movement for Integration, has been elected today as the new President of Albania.

In his speech after the election, Meta appealed for more responsibility in these decisive days for democracy, urging all sides to do everything in order for all political parties to participate in the elections.

Meta said that there’s still time to prevent a second “Macedonia” in Albania, because people have the right to live freely in a democratic country.

In his speech, Ilir Meta also thanked the opposition MPs, who were not present, by declaring that this was a strong reason that pushed him to run for the post of the President.

The newly elected President comes at this post at a time when the country has been going through a political crisis in the past two months. The opposition, led by the Democratic Party, has boycotted Parliament and has set up a tent in the central boulevard of the capital, Tirana, requesting the creation of a caretaker government, which according to the opposition, would guarantee free and fair elections, which are scheduled to take place on June 18. /